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OwnSkin Preview
OwnSkin Preview
Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hey people! its been long since i updated my blog!
how are you guys doin? :)

aniway,i'm just busy now with my NS life..
being a Medic isn't easy or wat malay called it 'Lepak' job..
have to be prepared anytime anywhere.

beside into NS,
at the same time,
i've been working hard for my career too.
i got a theatre show coming up.
and also,not to forget,Fiesta Komedi!

So,do watch my episode of Fiesta Komedi,
i dunt know when exactly is mine,
but what i know is,
its every wednesday,9.30pm.

so,to avoid dissapointment,
do watch it everyweek!

and to those who are interested to watch my theatre show,wait for updates!

with that! Take Care!

Live Your Dream,
@ 3:46 PM